.. cheoncheonhi.. gathering my thoughts..

Random thoughts.. obsessions.. likes.. dislikes..

Posso Farlo
Small start better than no start...

"When you have piles of work, cheoncheonhi (slowly) taking from them, they will all eventually will vanish and finish :D" said by a dear person to my heart

So now, let's get it straight and do our best:
Posso Farlo
You can do it
나는 할 수

나는_할수_있어I can do it

Reading is fun...
When you are tired.. have a break

Have a break.. Have a KitKat Read a FanFic :D

Currently finished some funny stories... may be you would like to read.. these authors are hilarious XDRealistic story: The Baddest Chick in the Game

Wow there is more, but most of them not yet finished.. so wait till new break ;)

Piece of Advice
Let me give myself a piece of advice...

Instead of sulking and being gloomy.. do something.. go for what you want.. fight your fears.. there is nothing to lose.. so yeah why not :D

Cheer up

Thought 1

When you take things for granted and suddenly miss it, how would you feel right then?

  • Gloomy

  • Frustrated

  • Disappointed

  • Heartache

  • Hurt

A bit of all that... I kind a feel it now...

Cheerful music
Here I am.. again.. one of my cheerful and sound soothing singers is Lee Seung Gi..

His music are touching my heart, and his acting is breathtakingly improving very much.. I liked him starting Shinning Inheritance, My Girlfriend is Gumihu, Kings2Hearts, and Gu Family Book.
Although last drama plot wasn't that good, but his acting was good though.. the one that touches my heart the most is King2Hearts :D

Lee Seung Gi 2

Lee Seung Gi 1

First Post

This is my first post in my LiveJournal...
I am trying to figure out how I will manage and what I will write in this journal...

Till now all the journals I have seen were dedicated to your likes.. dislikes.. believes.. obsessions..

I am trying to check all these out.. and may be something good will result in here :D

My first couple that I really liked on and off screen.. ChaeKi :)

Moon Chae Won a very talented gorgeous actress
Song Joong Ki a very talented handsome actor

When they are a couple.. their chemistry exploded :D


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